Pest control is the procedure that repels all parasites such as insects, which carry pathogenic tiny organisms, threatening public health.

Pest control refers to the disinfestation of all kinds of insects, flying (mosquitoes, flies, moth, wasps, etc.), crawling and walking insects (cockroach, bed bug, flea, ants, spiders, ticks, lice, centipedes, scorpions, termites, worms, etc.) in the area of interest.

Pylos Pest Control - Υπηρεσίες Απεντόμωση

Certified Services

It is an essential service for companies of health interest, professional – industrial spaces as well as for homes since insects are carriers of infectious diseases.

According to Law 721/1977 all methods and preparations applied during pest control must be harmless to adults, minors and pets. Our Company PylosPestControl uses exclusively certified pharmaceuticals for controlling pests and rodents in residential areas, as required by L. 721/77 and P.O.205/2001 and shall keep all defined precautionary measures with marketing approval in order to ensure an effective control without danger for public health.

Results guaranteed

PPC can repel any parasite of health importance from your area such as:

Pylos Pest Control - Υπηρεσίες Απεντόμωση
Pylos Pest Control - Υπηρεσίες Απεντόμωση
Pylos Pest Control - Απολύμανση - Απεντόμωση - Καταπολέμηση παράσιτα - τρωκτικά - Αποστολή
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