Our company

Pylos Pest Control (PPC) company was founded on June 2019, operating in the pest and rodents control area, with its cause being to protect public hygiene and to provide consulting services as Safety Technicians in agricultural enterprises.

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Greek Pest Control

Pylos Pest Control - Panhellenic Union of Professional Geotechnical and Green Businesses

Panhellenic Union of Professional Geotechnical and Green Businesses

We attend modern methods of pest control, using bio-disintegrating eco-friendly formulations of the latest generation

The pests and rodents control procedure is not only based on the use of formulations, but primarily on the needs and peculiarities of the area, as well as on the type of problem. For this reason, the site is inspected, the parasites are identified and then the appropriate control method is decided.

The company has a license to control insects and rodents in all residential areas (34047/10/6/19) from the Greek Ministry of Rural Development and Food.

PYLOS PEST CONTROL operates based on complete pest and rodent management programs for all types of facilities (food and beverage industries, sanitary facilities, storage and transportation facilities, public catering facilities, hotels, beauty salons, etc.).

Our company ensures that the human resources (scientific staff-plant technologists, technicians) are well trained and this is why we invest in continuous training with seminars, complying with all safety rules.

Understanding the sectors we target (industry, food, homes, etc.), the company staff has completed relevant studies and continues its training with relevant seminars:

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

For Pest & Vermin Control Services - Sanitation Services

CTE of Chamber of Irakleion

Certified health protocol application training for SARS-CoV-2

Greek Company of Certified Pest Controllers

Complete management of animal enemies in residential areas

National Technical University of Athens

Development and Application Certification and Inspection HACCP system

Faculty of Agricultural Technology

Crop Production Dept. TEI of Kalamata

American Farm School

Utilization of medicinal and aromatic plants


Quality systems in agriculture according to AGRO 2.1 & 2.2 standards and EUREPGAP V 2.1 Protocol


Marketing and management of agricultural products

Ministry of Agriculture (Fisheries Dept.)

Aquaculture training


Basic principals in sanitation and food safety

Tsaousis Centre for lifelong learning

Pest and Mouse Control-Procedures

CTE of Peloponnese & Ionian islands

Basic skills for Information and Education Technologies


Our mission

PPC’s mission is to resolve all problems that concern sanitation and to repel harmful parasites from places there are not supposed to be (houses, professional spaces, dark places, basements, wells etc.). All services, due to our subject’s nature are applied with chemicals that premise extreme competency and strict pursuance of HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATIONS.

We care for our work and we provide complete, high quality pest control and disinfection services, with responsibility, consistency and honesty, that comply with our customers’ needs through continuity and evolvement.

Code of Conduct

Codes of conduct and proper cooperation are our company’s priorities. We keep application files, cope with timetables and act accordingly in order to ensure the professional secrecy.

Are you looking for an appropriate solution for disinfection, pest control, mouse control and a proper management for your agricultural enterprise? We are at your service.