Disinfection is a term that we use to repel, stall or fight pathogenic tiny organisms that can cause diseases to a human being.

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With disinfection we accomplish an effective reduction of pathogenic organisms (viruses, bacteria, fungi etc.) that lay on surfaces and equipment, threatening our health.


Pylos Pest Control - Υπηρεσίες Απολύμανση
Pylos Pest Control - Υπηρεσίες Απολύμανση
Pylos Pest Control - Απολύμανση - Απεντόμωση - Καταπολέμηση παράσιτα - τρωκτικά - Αποστολή

Protection from COVID-19

PPC complying with these unprecedented conditions nowadays, acts precautionarily, coordinately and rapidly by applying specialized germicidal – disinfection services, contributing greatly to the limitation of a further covid-19 dispersion. Understanding the feeling for public health and safety, we apply our services in areas that have possibly been infected or need special hygiene treatments, as well as in areas of increased assembly.

Virus and bacterial control equipment

Bio-spray Disinfection Device

Bio X spray - Συσκευή απολύμανσης

The Bio-spray disinfection device can be used in hospitals, public areas, public transportation vehicles, ambulances, schools and kindergartens, etc.

This device is for usage of chemicals that eliminate all harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and other pathogens in such areas. The 1lt container of disinfectant can be combined with any other type of disinfectant used during appliance.

In addition, thanks to the 3-stages adjustable globule size, it can be homogenously distributed in the environment through aerosol technology from 07 microns to 20 microns in dry or wet space. In this way, disinfection of all surfaces and air is ensured.
Another merit that provides homogeneity is the possibility of Extra rotation for 360 degree spraying.

Healthway cleaning and air purification system

Healthway improves the air quality in all indoor areas, by introducing the acknowledged and certified from the United States’ FDA organization, EMF™ system, which is integrated into the portable devices for use at home or at the office. In addition to retaining all suspended particles with a larger percentage than the relevant HEPA system, EMF™ system eliminates the suspended microorganisms.

If your needs are to relieve from asthma or allergy symptoms or even to clear the air from pathogen organisms, such as germs, fungi and their seeds and viruses, the HealthWay indoor filters with the certified EMF™ (EnhancedMediaFiltration) system are the solution to the problem you are facing.

Σύστημα καθαρισμού και εξυγίανσης αέρα - HealthWay

Lifa Air Smart Monitor

An accurate and portable air quality measuring station. Its advanced sensors provide detailed information on pollution levels. Its accurate laser sensor measures particles ranging from 0.3mm-10mm.

EnSURE™ Touch

It is the new generation system that specializes in monitoring the hygiene of the surrounding area. It provides fast and accurate confirmation of the level of hygiene in order to comply with the Food Safety System. It has a 5″ touch screen, wireless synchronization technology and cloud-compatible software.

EnSURE Touch is designed to adapt to your work environment, providing all the data required to monitor the complex multi-site supply chain, control and risk management, and to prevent recall.

Ensure touch - Υγιεινή χώρου - Pylos Pest Control

SERA Disinfectant

SERA Απολυμαντικό - Pylos Pest Control

The SERA disinfectant is approved by the National Organization for medicines and is suitable for disinfection in:

  • Sanitary facilities, Industries, food and beverage laboratories (production, processing), catering facilities, catering services, super markets, hotels, public buildings, hospitals, ships, shopping malls, gyms, meat shops, fish shops.
  • Floors, walls, equipment, utensils, workbenches, countertops and all surfaces that come in contact with food.
  • Areas and sanitary ware
  • Trash cans

Bioprotect RTU Disinfectant

BIOPROTECT RTU is a ready-to-use biostatic surface protector that creates a reliable invisible protective shield that helps prevent the growth and spread of mold, bacteria, fungi and viruses on all porous and non-porous surfaces. It can last 60 to 90 days.

With the additional modification of the original marketing authorization by the National Organization for Medicines in the disinfectant product, its virucide action against SARS-CoV-2 is included.

Απολυμαντικό προϊόν Bioprotect RTU

Attention: Although cleaning is not usually included into disinfection methods, it is, without doubt, a “form of disinfection”, since it reduces the “microbial load” on a surface. What needs to be understood from everyone is that cleaning-decontamination, washing and purifying objects and surfaces, aeration and/or dehumidification with clearing the volume (m³) of a space, do not replace all disinfection methods, as well as all disinfection, purification, aeration and/or dehumidification with clearing methods do not replace cleaning-decontamination, washing and purifying objects-surfaces or the volume (m³) of a space.

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