Mouse control is the complete clearance of your area from rodents (mice, rats).

They consist one of the most significant dangers for the public health, because they are carrying serious diseases. For their successful control, it is essential that we have knowledge of their biology, as well as of knowing how to apply the controlling measures and understand the rodent-infected area’s particular circumstances and standards.

Pylos Pest Control - Υπηρεσίες - Μυοκτονίες

Effective control

The control requires placement of rat poison baits on the infected spots. These baits are placed into special station-cases and are safe for humans and pets. In the same time they are protected from dust, moist, sun, rain etc.

Rats and mice are carriers of pathogen tiny organisms that can be transmitted through their feces, urine, mucus and generally body parts to humans by contacting to infected surfaces or consuming infected food. They live in filthy environment with their instinct of self-cleaning being well developed.

Prevention of diseases

Transmittable diseases from rodents are (indicatively):

Pylos Pest Control - Υπηρεσίες - Μυοκτονίες
Pylos Pest Control - Υπηρεσίες - Μυοκτονία
Pylos Pest Control - Απολύμανση - Απεντόμωση - Καταπολέμηση παράσιτα - τρωκτικά
According to Law 721/1977 all methods and preparations applied during pest control must be harmless to adults, minors and pets. Our Company PylosPestControl uses exclusively certified pharmaceuticals for controlling pests and rodents in residential areas, as required by L. 721/77 and P.O.205/2001 and shall keep all defined precautionary measures with marketing approval in order to ensure an effective control without danger for public health.

Στην Ελλάδα συναντούμε τρία βασικά είδη:

Roof rats
Black rat / Rattus rattus

Roof rats, also known as “black rats” may have a color range from black to light brown with a differential in their underbelly which is usually grey. The size of their body varies from 15 to 20cm. The length of their tail is always longer than their main body and they have the ability to climb.

House rats
House mouse / Mus musculus

House rats are small in size and of grey-brown color with a gray or yellowish underbelly. They have a slightly pointy nose and dark eyes, slightly protruding. Their ears are big with a little fluff.

Brown rats
Rattus norvegicus

Brown rats are big with pointy nose, small ears and hairless tail, which is shorter than their main body. They are of brown-grey color on top, while their underbelly is white or grey. Adult rats are weighting around 500gr.

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